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Our Story

The New Vista Ranch was born from a generous donation from the Gilcrease Brothers, whose Orchard is directly adjacent to the Ranch. The Ranch, in operation since 1986, has been a safe and loving haven for many children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

The New Vista Board of Directors is spearheading the development of the grounds and hoping to create a safer, more functional space for our incoming new tenants. Your purchase of a Legacy & Dedication Campaign pavestone today, will help us build New Vista’s future.

Price Points

Legacy Pavestone

4” X 8" pavestone for basic characters and clipart.
$ 50 

One Time Donation
  • 4" X 8" pavestone
  • Up to three lines
  • Logo or clipart
  • Black and white

Legacy Tile

10” X 10” tile paver/pavestone great for logos and unlimited text within 2” margins.
$ 250 

One Time Donation
  • 10” X 10” seamless tile
  • Up to 8 lines
  • Logo or clipart
  • Black and white

Legacy Paver

16” X 16” paver great for large logo placement and larger art design.
$ 1,000 

One Time Donation
  • (8) 4" X 8" paver stones
  • Creates a 16” X 16” surface
  • Black and white

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